atl Marketing Solutions

ATL Marketing Solutions

Using Mass Media tool to promote brands and reach ou to the target consumers. This is communication that is targeted to a wider spread of audience. A Brand image is created about the comapny and it's product.
"Above-the-line" referes to those traditional marketing channels that strive to reach a mass audience with messages that reinforce a brand, communicate general product information or inspire an emotional response. Establish brand identity or reinforce emotional concepts surrounding a product or brand.
According to the Internet Advertising Bureau, Well-executed multi channel marketing compaigns generate a sales lift ranginf from 7 to 34 percent. Growing effectiveness of "multi channel" campaigns (those that cross multiple) reinforces demand for tactics that establish one-to-one relationships between marketers and consumers.

Above the Line

  • TV Ad's
  • Radio Advertisement
  • News Paper
  • Digital Media
  • Printed Media
  • Cinema